!! Sozont #5: Sozont Bags a Deer

5.  Sozont Bags a Deer

Another day, another hunt.  It's a living.
     Sozont was passing through a glen and saw Bambi the Deer.  Bambi's movie-star days were long past.  Now he was just an old geezer, hanging on to life.  It looked like his right hindleg was broken.  He was gamely trying to browse, but the leg kept getting in his way.  He looked thin.
     —"Hello, Bambi.  Shouldn't you be going to the hospital?"
     —"Shut up!" said the prey to the predator.  "I don't need no doctor!"  Bambi moved to another shrub, stumbling and then wincing from the pain.  He took a mouthful of leaves and chewed, as if he actually intended to eat while a tigrihippostrich was watching him.
     Sozont half-bent his knees.  A gentle breeze ruffled his feathers.  "Death by starvation is slow and painful, Bambi," he said, meaningfully.
     —"Forget it!  I will not ask you to eat me.  I am a fighter, to the end!"
     —"As you wish."  Sozont lunged, and chomped on Bambi's neck, and grabbed his body with two taloned feet and two clawed paws.  Bambi began to — Sozont arched his back and flung his neck and — Snap!  Bambi's carcass fell to the ground, his face now frozen in a sneer of eternal defiance.
     It was a big kill.  Sozont dragged it into the bushes, creating a trail of cervine urine that stank of fear, determination, and ultimate failure.  But it couldn't be helped; doddering old fool.
     As he ate, Sozont's intestines rearranged themselves to make room, which produced a pleasant feeling below his tail that reminded him of Spike.  "I wish Spike were here to help me eat this," he thought.  But Spike's mouth — with that glorious tongue! — had no teeth.  This scene would not appeal to an echidna until the ants arrived.  "Aren't all carnivores really the same, inside?" he wondered.
     Sozont ate alone, rich in food but poor in friends.

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-- Pyesetz the Dog