! Sozont #3: The Vixen

3.  The Vixen

The next morning, Sozont woke up hungry.  Well, that's the wild life for you: always wake up hungry, and who knows how long it will take to rustle up some breakfast?
     Sozont sniffed around for awhile, and eventually came across a vole.  They're hard to catch, so Sozont carefully crept forward, trying to make as little ground vibration as possible.  Just as he was about to pounce, a fox came out of nowhere, grabbed the vole, and gobbled it up.  Sozont was... disappointed.  The fox was female and clearly anthro: the forebreasts were larger and rounder than the others.  As she licked her chops and picked her teeth, Sozont could see rippling muscles and shifting curves.  He should say something.
     — "Hi!  Nice vole!"
     — "It was tasty."  She was demure, waiting for him to say something about the stolen prey.  She had a bit of a smile and her eyes sparkled.  What could he say?  Nice jugs you got there?  Too mundane!
     — "So, are you nursing kits or just glad to see me?"
     Her smile turned to a scowl.
     —"You cad!  Don't you have any social graces whatsoever?  That's no way to talk to a lady!"
     —"I was just trying to make conversation."
     —"Well don't talk about my organs!  Had good hunting recently?"
     —"I was going to eat a vole, but then some fox stole it.  Your organs are very attractive."
     —"Horay for the vulpine!  You're ugly as last week's trash."
     —"Listen, creep, just climb back into whatever dung-hole you came out of."  She popped the last vole leg into her mouth and scampered off, scowling all the way.
     He had not obtained her phone number, nor even her name.  Oh, what's the use in trying?  He might as well plan for rutting season to be awful this year, just like last year.

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