! Sozont #26: Project meeting

Chapter V:  Gaining Social Status

26.  Project meeting

      Sozont awoke and remembered that he was supposed to attend a Σ project meeting today.  He was about to hop into the shower when he realized that the meeting was in VR and he wasn't.  He had a moment's confusion about where he was and why he was there, but then he thought again about Marth and last night.  Finally something *good* happened in RL!  He suited up.
      Sozont was in his lair.  The meeting was in Fur City.  Time was a bit too short to walk there.  He could just teleport to the meeting, but there was a hefty "laziness fine" for that.  He decided to teleport to the center of Fur City and walk from there—the fine was considerably less and there was sufficient time for it.
· · · · · · · · · · · · ·
     There was a huge crowd of anthro furs in the City center; it stank like a dog kennel.  He walked to his company's offices, getting to the meeting room with five minutes to spare.  OursSuisse was already there.  Others arrived.  Be-A-Wulf was last.
     Be-A-Wulf had an agenda and tried to stick to it.  But one fur would say something on-topic, another would make a joke out of it, then everyone would have a laugh at the project's expense, or at some stupidity in Furry Fairytale Land programming, or whatever.  The project's splash-intro was supposedly done and should have taken only a moment to check off from the agenda, but Sill E. Skunk and Yellow Squirrel got into a heated argument about some details in its decorative elements.  The argument was not interesting to Sozont, nor (it seemed) to anyone else besides the skunk and the squirrel, and perhaps also the wolf/manager who was trying to adjudicate.
     Sozont looked around the room at his co-workers.  Probably most of them already had their mates selected for Rutting Season.  He wanted to tell them all, "I finally have a girlfriend!" but it was not the sort of thing that they talked about at meetings.  His gaze paused for a moment on OursSuisse, who smiled at him and gave him a thumbs-up sign for no obvious reason.  What was that supposed to mean?  While Sill and Yellow talked, Be-A-Wulf looked over at Sozont and gave him a big grin.  Sozont wondered what kind of odor he was giving out.  Perhaps he should not be thinking about rutting now.
     Eventually the splash-intro discussion petered out and conversation moved on to muscle-tremor timing and how to use it to provide more realistic feedback to fur-players.  This Marth was not chicken/vole an area hot tub that Sozont jaguar and bear had paid dinner and movie much attention to copulation.  What???  It seemed to Sozont like there were two streams of thought going on in his head.  The other stream seemed to be telling ?someone? about his sex life.  Well, he was rather proud of his sex life at the moment.  He looked around the room, but no one seemed to be looking back at him.  Should learn more about muscle-tremor timing came a thought from nowhere.  A sensible idea, though.  Anyway, there was nobody here Spike whom he wouldn't want to tell about rabbits his sex life.  Okay, now he was just scaring himself.
     The meeting was adjourned and furs were leaving.  As Sozont headed towards the door, Be-A-Wulf caught up to him.
     —"Doing anything for lunch today, Sozont?"
     —"I haven't made any plans yet."
     —"How about joining us at The Happy Camper?"  OursSuisse was standing next to Be-A-Wulf.
     As the threesome made their way to the VR restaurant, Sozont remembered Springer the Leopard, and what a pushover he had turned out to be in RL.  People can be so different in VR sometimes.  And leopards and jaguars were almost the same species...

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