! Sozont #25: Martha Stewart, Loving

25.  Martha Stewart, Loving

     Sozont could hardly believe his luck.  He was going on a real date!
     At the restaurant, sometimes they talked a lot, sometimes there were silent periods.  Although this hy00man body couldn't detect anything, Sozont had faith that communication was still occurring during the "silent" periods.
     At the movie, Marth started rubbing Sozont's legs.  Somehow Sozont had never figured out that this was the whole point of going to a movie on a date!  So he rubbed Marth's body, a bit self-conscious in his copying of her moves.
     Afterwards, they went to Marth's place.  She mixed up two drinks and handed him one.
     —"I need a drink?"
     —"Yes.  You're still very uptight.  Drink up!"
     So they drank and talked.  Favorite music, foods, movie stars.  Eventually the alcohol was all consumed.  Marth went on the offensive and kissed Sozont wetly.  Then Sozont <I don't write sex scenes; sorry>.
     Afterward, they talked some more.  Parenting styles, healthcare, proper uses for VR.  Red Bunny would be home soon, so they put their clothes back on.  Marth kept saying that Sozont should go, but then they would find another subject of interest and Marth would talk some more.
     When Red arrived, Sozont took that as his cue and walked towards the door, but it seemed Marth still wanted to talk, while Red was almost literally stamping her feet.  Sozont stood by the door for awhile, while Marth talked and kept drawing Sozont into conversation by saying interesting things.  Eventually Sozont kissed her while rubbing between her cheeks and ears.  They had a silent moment, then Sozont went home to his apartment.
     He lay on his mattress.  He didn't want to go back to VR just yet.  He still couldn't believe his luck.  Sozont had a girlfriend!  And she was a troll, so he *did* deserve her.  He still hadn't told her about the rabbit sex, but there were probably lots of bad things she had done that he hadn't heard about yet.  All in good time.  He wished she were there with him, but at least he was still in the body that had mated with her.  Sozont couldn't figure out how he felt about that.  There were so many feelings!  Clearly there were lots of newly-activated brain bits, that had not been fooled by his VR life and had refused to activate before.  He felt older; there was more of him now.
     Sozont went to sleep.  It was the first time in several years that he had voluntarily slept in human form when VR was available.  Marth had made love to this body, so it wasn't such a bad body, after all.

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