! Sozont #2: Sozont Eats a Snack

2.  Sozont Eats a Snack

Sozont found another rabbit.  A youngster, perhaps foraging solo for the first time.
     —"Hello, what's your name?" said Sozont.
     —"I'm Venus Fly Trap" was the reply.  "I've seen you before, Sozont the Tigri-Hippo-Strich."
     —"Venus Fly Trap?  That's not a Lapine name!"
     —"Yeah, well, I guess my parents were sort of hippies in their day."
     —"Well, um, what do you think of computers?"
     —"Oh, they're great!  I can send emails to all my friends, and get weather reports without going outside, and look up stuff for my school reports, and —"
     Sozont bit Venus Fly Trap's head off.  "Useless Luser," he thought.  "Wait, maybe I should have had sex with her first?  Oh well."  Munch, bite, shred, chew, wipe muzzle with paws.
     While he ate, Sozont thought about Niven's Man-Kzin Wars and how few stories in that series were really any good.  "Eater-of-Grass, indeed!" he said, chewing on a plaintain leaf to cleanse his palate.
     But thoughts of reproduction refused to stay away.  It was almost rutting season.  Last year that had been a bad time for Sozont.  "Am I the only Tigger?" he said morosely, for sometimes he secretly thought of himself as being just an animated Disney character, transmogrified from the classic Milne stuffie, inside.
     Silly Sozont!  Someday you'll understand that you're not really a tigrihippostrich.  You're an anthro fur, and all anthro furs are mating-compatible.  So he's a bacterium and she's a blue whale?  No problem!  All it takes is a little imagination.
     But returning to our story...

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-- Pyesetz the Dog