! Sozont #16: An Animal at Work

Chapter III:  Job Stress

16.  An Animal at Work

Sozont was in his lair, working on the SIGMA project.  It was difficult to explain the Σ project without going into considerable detail about how Furry Fairytale Land really worked.  That was one of the things that Sozont liked about the project.  One of the things he didn't like was Springer the Leopard, with whom he had to work.
     Sozont was doing the kinesthetics module, receiving input from the player-furs.  Springer was doing the core-database access, finding meanings for the player's actions.  There was a defined interface that specified how their modules were to interact, but Springer disliked it and wanted changes.  His emails didn't make sense to Sozont; when Springer talked about "client/server models" it seemed he was trying to suggest that the database access module should be telling the kinesthetics module what to do, which was not the Furry Fairytale Land way.  He kept sending diagrams showing the database access module on top of the kinesthetics module, which Sozont thought was simply wrong-headed.  Kinesthetics should be on the outside, with DBAccess closer to the core.  Sozont was in the middle of yet another long email to Springer, trying to find common ground.
     Sozont's life had not gone very well until he came to Furry Fairytale Land.  He was now quite good at this job and the tokens of appreciation (Fairytale Land credits that were convertible to RL money) were many and frequent.  Programming was the thing Sozont did that other furs liked enough to give tokens for.  It would be unconscionable to do the job poorly just to keep the peace with a problematic leopard.
     Although he was getting hungry, Sozont did not want to stop in the middle of the email to hunt up some game.  Despite what he had said to Marth about not spending money on food, Sozont invoked a can of salted rabbit.  He held the can against the floor with one foot while opening it with a talon on the other foot.  The can was fairly inexpensive and very easy to obtain, and its contents tasted vaguely like fresh rabbit.  Looked like dogfood, though.
     Sozont typed very quickly and generally did not look at the keyboard.  That way he didn't have to see that his VR paws were not quite keeping up with his RL hands.  It was one of those annoyances you just had to put up with to stay focused on the paying job.  Sozont finished up the email and sent it, then did some more coding work on the Σ input system.
     Later Springer sent a reply email, which made it quite clear that he thought his module should be dominating Sozont's module.  This was so wrong it was hard to imagine anyfur even suggesting such a thing.  Purrhaps some FTF communication was needed to resolve the problem.  Sozont sent back an email offering his lair for a business meeting.

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