Chapter I:  A Furry Parody Finds Love

1.  Introducing Sozont

Sozont the Tigri-Hippo-Strich pranced across the prairie, happy to be alive.  Stopping at a small pond, he idly looked at himself, his ultraviolet fur irridescing in the moonlight.  His leg-feathers were a little dirty from dancing in the mud, but that had been a good time!  A growling in his stomach reminded him that tigrihippostriches are carnivores.  "Perhaps I can find a rabbit to eat," he thought.  He bounded off across the prairie, faster and faster, just for the glorious feel of the sweat poring out of his hippo segment.  Unfortunately, the first rabbit he came across was Tardrayn-rah, who was very helpful with Sozont's computer problems and shouldn't be eaten.  With a curt "hello", Sozont bounded off again to look for a better choice of snack.

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-- Pyesetz the Dog