Sozont the Tigri-Hippo-Strich
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I.  A Furry Parody Finds Love: [Amuse the trolls]
  1. Introducing Sozont [Innocuous]
  2. Sozont Eats a Snack [Carnivorous violence]
  3. The Vixen [Carnivorous; heterosexuality]
  4. Sozont Gets Tail [Homosexual themes]
  5. Sozont Bags a Deer [Extreme violence--herbivorous furs should skip this]
  6. Martha Stewart, Eating [Heterosexual dating; organ meats]
II.  Equipment Failure Builds Relationships: [Make it an SF story]
  1. A Technical Glitch [Bad smells; species dysphoria]
  2. Technician's Visit [Name-calling]
  3. Online Research [Innocuous]
  4. The Furry Club [Sexual thoughts]
  5. Tardrayn's View [Parental responsibility]
  6. Back to VR [Technophilia/holodiction]
  7. Martha Skritches [Male-submissive heterosexuality]
  8. Another Vixen [Loathing]
  9. Food at Last [Robot vore]
III.  Job Stress: [Total Geek Overload!]
  1. An Animal at Work [Technobabble]
  2. A Business Meeting [Profanity; skritching with ulterior motives]
  3. Simmering Anger [Gobs of backstory]
  4. Boiling Anger [Pugilistic theme; human body odor]
IV.  Preparing to Rut: [Adventure!  Romance!]
  1. Trying New Things [Intrusive RL politics]
  2. Visiting the Sick [Artless crafts; corny dialogue]
  3. In the Hot Tub [Frankness; nudity; poor self-image]
  4. Spike's View [More gay stuff]
  5. Showing Inner Animals [Furry spirituality]
  6. Martha Stewart, Loving [Inexplicitness]
V.  Gaining Social Status: [(unfinished)]
  1. Project meeting [Paranoia]

... (More to come) ...

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